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Imagine how you would feel if you could:

  • Become Super-Confident
  • Never Feel Nervous Again
  • Sight-Read Fluently
  • Improvise Effortlessly
  • Develop Pitch and Rhythm
  • Learn 10 Times Faster
  • Develop Star Stage-Presence
  • …and more!

Well, perhaps you have found what you have been searching for!

Hot on the heels of the highly acclaimed ‘Self Hypnosis For Musicians’ CD comes the Musicians Hypnosis app for iPhone and iPad. This amazing app changes lives! The flexibility of the app lets you custom-build your own Hypnosis Session.

Choose from a plethora of topics from Stage-Fright to Sight-Reading, or just use the Pre-Gig Pep-Talk before your next performance and see the difference! Using this flexible system you can also have a choice of induction, deepener, and background sounds to make going into trance effortless. You have the option of enabling the subtle ‘Subliminal Messages’ track to make deep and lasting changes.

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