First published as a CD in 1999, Self Hypnosis For Musicians is the market-leading self-help program produced BY a musician FOR musicians. The program has been developed and enhanced with each edition and is now up to date with the most powerful content using the latest psychological techniques as well as tried and tested traditional methods. See the testimonials from professionals, amateurs, students and beginners to see what it can do for you too.

Quote: Nick S. U.K: “I was astonished at the vein of confidence that ran through me before each show and how the confidence remained throughout the tour. I have tried many things to combat nerves – propranolol, NLP, timelines, self-talk, alcohol etc. but I found your hypnosis tracks the most effective.”

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The Self Hypnosis for Musicians CD files are available as a digital download. You get all the MP3s, PLUS a bunch of free extra tracks!

Imagine how you would feel if you could:

  • Become Super-Confident

  • Compose your BEST material

  • Sight-Read Fluently

  • Improvise Effortlessly

  • Develop Pitch and Rhythm

  • Learn 10 Times Faster

  • Develop Star Stage-Presence

  • …and more!

Well, perhaps you have found what you have been searching for!

This unique Mp3 program packs in cutting-edge, scientifically proven hypnotic techniques to help you become the musician you have always dreamed of being!


  • Subliminal suggestions that go STRAIGHT to the unconscious!

  • Ultra-subtle binaural-beat technology encoded into backing. No annoying sea-wash effects!

  • New tracks for Exams and Auditions!

  • Rapid-Induction track puts you in control of how deep you go into trance.

Also included in this download is the ‘Pre-Gig Pep-Talk’ track.

“Worth the price of the Download alone. This gets me ‘in the zone’ EVERY gig and has fundamentally changed my performances. I am ten times the musician I was before I discovered this track.”.

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The next click of your mouse could be lifechanging:

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