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See what happens when you remove your ‘STOP’ signs.

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The iPhone App:


Cutting-edge hypnotherapy and customisable interface make this the ultimate 'Guru-In-Your-Pocket'. Tried and tested by thousands of users - read the outstanding reviews.

The Online Course:


4 hours of video, 25 Hypnosis Mp3s, PDFs and even a 5.5 hour audiobook makes this the most comprehensive self-help course for musicians out there.
Take this course and learn to maximise the potential you have locked away inside.
Plenty of free content to get you going. Enrol now and start pulling out all those STOP signs that have been holding you back for years.

Imagine how you would feel if you could:

These two amazing programs change lives and saves careers! The flexibility of each system lets you develop at your own pace and custom-build your own Hypnosis Session.

Choose from a plethora of topics from Stage-Fright to Sight-Reading, or just use the Pre-Gig Pep-Talk before your next performance and see the difference!

Using this flexible system you can have a choice of induction, deepener, and multiple suggestion tracks and in the app you can even change the background sounds to make going into trance effortless. You also have the option of enabling the subtle ‘Subliminal Messages’ track to make deep and lasting changes.

There is also a unique ‘Sleep’ option which instead of waking you up at the end of your hypnosis session, the track lulls you into a wonderful, deep sleep.

I'm a Rock Musician. Will This Work For Me?

Absolutely! The Musicians Hypnosis material works regardless of the style of music. See the reviews - classical, jazz, choral, folk... even DJs are using the app or the MP3s and experiencing excellent results. See the 'more reviews' link below.

Is It Safe?

Yes, it is completely safe. As with all hypnosis material, do not use whilst driving or operating machinery. The brain has a built-in firewall called 'The Hidden Observer' which will not allow you to do anything which goes against your moral code.

Which Instruments is it For?

The Musicians Hypnosis program works with all instruments. It has been a recommended resource in music conservatories and colleges as well as for choral singers in all styles. Even non-musicians have used the app to help with making announcements and speeches in public.

How Quickly Will I Get Results?

Possibly after only one session! If you have a good imagination and are quite creative, then the results should start to appear quite quickly.  Some people require longer, so I always recommend using the program every day for a couple of weeks.

Musicians Hypnosis iPhone App banner
This gets me through even the toughest days of music performance! With an accessible design, the app can be fully customised to fit my needs. It has quickly surpassed some of the literature, The Inner Game etc, however the delivery of this information resonates much more successfully through this innovative and inspiring app! This app has seen me through recitals feeling more relaxed and at ease than I have ever felt allowing my full playing potential to shine through.  An absolute triumph!
Luke - UK.
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Sam Brown graduated in Commercial Arranging from Berklee in the 1980s and has worked as a professional drummer/percussionist ever since.

As well as producing the Self Hypnosis for Musicians Programme and the Musicians Hypnosis iPhone App, he has lectured at music colleges and written for national magazines and publications.

His latest project is The Pre-Gig Pep-Talk Online Course which is arguably the most comprehensive self-help course specifically for musicians available.

He now lives on The Isle of Skye in Scotland with his wife, dog, some pigs and a couple of  Jeeps.

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Disclaimer – Do NOT use hypnosis tracks when driving or operating machinery. The author accepts no responsibility for the use or mis-use of the material in this course.